Animal-rights party slams VOX, right-wing in video

PACMA campaign video slams Spain's right-wing parties for being 'retrograde'. Video Image: PACMA via El Periódico
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Spain’s animal-rights party, PACMA (Partido Animalista Contra el Maltrato Animal, or ‘Animalist Party Against Mistreatment of Animals’), has issued a hard-hitting campaign video in the run-up to the 28th April general elections.

Taking on the country’s right-wing parties, particularly the newly emerged ultra-right Vox party, the PACMA video slams them for their support of bullfighting, hunting and cruelty to animals, opposition to women’s rights, gay marriage, environmental protection and Spain’s landmark 2007 Historical Memory legislation.


The video spot lasting just over one minute features a young woman looking at televised footage of VOX leader Santiago Abascal, images of flag-waving Spanish nationalists, the anti-feminist campaign of ultra-Catholic group Hazte Oír, the Valley of the Fallen monument where former dictator Francsco Franco is buried, and more. Those images are juxtaposed against others of bullfighting, animal cruelty, environmental pollution, homelessness, immigrants, women, LGBT couples and people with Down Syndrome.

Addressing the screen as if addressing VOX and its leader, the woman says with disgust on her face, “Eres involucion“, which can be translated into English as “You are retrograde”. But, the attack doesn’t stop with VOX as images are also shown of conservative Partido Popular (PP) leader Pablo Casado standing next to VOX leaders at a protest rally in Madrid against the governing Socialist party (PSOE) of President Pedro Sánchez.

“You are retrograde,” says a young woman narrator in the video, with disgust on her face, “and you think you’re a patriot wrapping yourself in the discourse of fear”.

In a rapid fire litany of charges, the video doesn’t stop short of criticizing VOX and the PP, but also takes aim at Spain’s entire political elite, saying they are “encrusted in power”. At one point the campaign video even shows a television image of former Socialist President Felipe Gónzalez alongside former PP President José María Aznar and and a male figure walking through a glass revolving door, an obvious reference to the so-called “revolving door” whereby political leaders of all parties peddle their influence to the private sector upon leaving office.

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