POLITIFILE :: A Guide to Spain’s Political Parties

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• Progressive Spain introduces new POLITIFILE directory to political parties
• Detailed info & useful links to party websites, social media and Wikipedia

With just over four weeks until Spain’s 26th June (26-J) general elections, Progressive Spain has launched a new “Who’s Who” directory of Spain’s political parties in order to help our readership sort through the veritable alphabet soup of the Spanish political landscape.

POLITIFILE :: A Guide to Spain’s Political Parties begins with profiles of the principle parties on Spain’s national political scene, providing facts and figures on each of the party’s history, its electoral trajectory, its leadership and European and international political affiliations. Readers interested in learning more about any of the parties are provided easy linked access to the parties’ official websites, social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more) and further detailed information at Wikipedia in English and/or Spanish.

The political parties initially featured at the POLITIFILE directory include: the Socialist party (PSOE), Podemos, Izquierda Unida (IU), Ciudadanos and the Partido Popular (PP). Additional parties will be added to the directory as they become relevant to news coverage during the upcoming 26-J election campaign and after the election results are in and tallied.

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