Two ‘La Manada’ gang rapists given additional jail time

'La Manada' rapists Antonio Manuel Guerrero (L) & Alfonso Jesús Cabezuelo sentenced to additional jail time. Photo: Público
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A regional criminal court in the regional community of Navarra has sentenced two of the five members of the La Manada group of men convicted of gang raping a woman in Pamplona in 2016 to more than three years of additional jail time and a fine of 5,670 euros for having filmed the assault on their mobile phones.

The judge in the case said that La Manada members Antonio Manuel Guerrero and Alfonso Jesús Cabezuelo were guilty of invasion of their 18-year-old victim’s right to privacy and added 39 months of jail time to the two men’s prior sentencing by Spain’s Supreme Court in July.

According to the three judges presiding over the court, Guerrero and Cabezuelo recorded seven videos and took two photos of the young woman they raped along with three other men during Pamplona’s festival in 2016, without obtaining the victim’s express permission or consent.

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The first trial of the five men in the La Manada case, so-called because of the name the men had assigned to a WhatsApp group they used to boast about their exploits, came to a conclusion in April 2018, when a lower court in Navarra convicted the men on a minor charge of continued sexual abuse. The ruling infuriated women’s groups and caused widespread public outcry in Spain and was appealed by prosecutors seeking conviction on the more serious charge of sexual assault with aggravated circumstances.

In December 2018, the Superior Court of Justice of Navarra upheld the conviction on the sexual abuse charge and sentenced the men to nine years each in prison. At the same time, the Superior Court ordered the regional criminal court of Navarra to issue a new sentence for the crime of invasion of the victim’s privacy, due to the filming of the rape by the perpetrators.

In June 2019, Spain’s Supreme Court overturned the verdicts and sentences previously handed down by both courts in Navarra, convicting the five men of sexual assault and sentencing them to 15 years each in prison.

The additional conviction handed down Wednesday by Navarra’s criminal court means that Guerrero and Cabezuelo will serve a total of more than 18 years in prison for the rape. A lawyer for the two men says they will appeal the conviction and sentencing on the charge of invasion of privacy.

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