Irreverent feminists acquitted of hate-crime charges

Feminists carrying the 'coño insumiso' (insubmissive vagina) in procession in Sevilla. Photo: El Diario
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► Judge acquits women women accused of crime against religious sentiment
► Court says ‘coño insumiso’ procession legitimate, not incitement to hatred

A group of feminists who in 2014 carried a papier-mache depiction of a vagina in a religious-like parade through the streets of Sevilla to protest attempts to limit women’s right to abortion have been acquitted of charges that they committed a crime against religious sentiment or incited hatred and violence toward a religious group.

A Spanish judge last week said that the parade by the women of the image of the so-called coño insumiso (“insubmissive vagina”) was a legitimate protest under Spain’s freedom of speech legislation.

According to the judge’s ruling, the parade of the papier-mache might well be considered in poor taste because it resembles the figure of the Virgin Mary, venerated by Spanish Catholics. But, whether it is considered distasteful and whether it is shared via social media or not is a matter of conjecture and the decision of those viewing it.

The judge said, however, that the three feminists charged in the case had not committed any crime because the depiction of the coño insumiso had a specific purpose of making a legitimate point in what was an intense debate at the time on proposed limits to abortion for women in Spain.

The women had been facing up to a year in jail and fines of up to 3,600 euros each.

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