NGO report says 32% of Spaniards breathe polluted air

Nearly 15 million Spaniards were subject to breathing contaminated air last year, says report. Photo: El Diario
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? Nearly 1/3 of people breath foul air, below EU & Spanish air-quality standards
? By WHO air-quality standards, nearly 98% of Spaniards breathe polluted air

A new report by the environmental NGO Ecologistas en Acción says that nearly one third of all Spaniards breathed contaminated air that did not meet clean-air standards set by the EU or even by Spain’s own air-quality legislation last year.

According to the report, titled La calidad del aire en el Estado español durante 2018 (‘Air Quality in Spain During 2018’), the number of Spaniards breathing pollution is much worse if World Health Organisation (WHO) air-quality standards are considered, with 45.2 million Spaniards or 96.8 percent of the population breathing air that does not meet WHO recommendations.

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According to the report, as many as 30,000 deaths in Spain during the course of 2018 can be directly or indirectly attributed to air pollution.

The environmental NGO said that the main source of air contamination in Spain’s urban areas is vehicle traffic, which is the cause of an increase in particulate matter and nitrogen oxide in the air people breath.

But also to blame, said the Ecologistas report, are are industrial plants and and large fossil-fuel powered thermo-electric power stations that spew out contaminants into the air that Spaniards breath.

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