PSOE campaign video links prostitution, sex-trafficking

Iratxe García, president of Spanish Socialist delegation to the European Parliament; Image: S&D via Twitter
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Tipped to win the most number of seats in Spain’s elections of deputies to the European Parliament (EP) in May, Spain’s Socialist party (PSOE) has released a video directed at women and centrist voters showing current Spanish Socialist members of the EP arguing for greater regulation of prostitution and linking it directly to exploitation of poor women and migrants by international sex-trafficking mafias operating in Europe.

In the video being circulated on social media using the hashtag #TratadePersonas (‘Human Trafficking’), the Spanish Socialist party delegation to the EP argues against further liberalization of prostitution in Europe, saying it is already a huge industry linked to human-trafficking rings that profit from exploitation, forced labour, sex slavery and even extraction of organs from poor women migrants smuggled into Europe from around the world and forced into prostitution on their arrival.


In November, the PSOE filed a resolution for debate in Spain’s Congress calling for the eradication of prostitution and the trafficking of women and children for sexual exploitation. The release of the Spanish Socialists’ video via social media underscores the party’s efforts to fight against prostitution across Europe in the run-up to the 26th May elections to the European Parliament, which will take place alongside regional and municipal elections across Spain.

Leading the list of PSOE candidates in the EP campaign will be Josep Borrell, Spain’s current Foreign Minister and former President of the European Parliament.

A voter preference survey conducted by the EP and released on 1st March projects the PSOE will win 26.8 percent of the votes and increase the number of seats held in Strasbourg from 14 to 18, while the conservative Partido Popular (PP) will see its vote share fall to 20 percent, losing three seats to hold a total of just 13 in the coming European parliamentary session.

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