Groups to highlight refugees with rallies on Monday

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• SOS Refugiados rallies, demos planned for 20th June World Refugee Day
• Organizers seek to focus election campaigns on plight of Mid-East refugees

A university study of the Twitter accounts of Spain’s principal political parties during the last campaign for the December 2015 general elections has revealed that the issue of refugees seeking asylum in Europe and Spain was not made part of the election debate, with the refugees question comprising just nine out of 16,300 Tweets issued by the parties during the campaign.

To remedy what they see as a blackout on discussion of the refugees’ plight by Spain’s politicians, non-governmental organisations, labour unions and citizens groups working under the banner of S.O.S. Refugiados will attempt to bring the refugees question directly into focus in the final days of the campaign leading up the Spain’s 26th June general election campaign, with pro-refugee rallies and demonstrations on World Refugee Day, this coming Monday 20th June, in towns and cities across Spain.

According to a study by researchers at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (UAM), of the total 17 Tweets from the accounts of Spain’s principal political parties that contained the word “refugees” only nine were actual original Tweets from the parties themselves — representing just 0.05 percent of all the Tweets emitted during the 20th December 2015 general election campaign.

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