Women with disabilities at risk of gender violence

Women with disabilities seen to be at particular risk of gender violence. Photo: Europa Press
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• NGO working with disabled women found 247 cases of gender violence in 2015
• Women with disabilities find it difficult to break dependency on abusive men

Women with physical and mental disabilities in Spain face higher risk of gender violence than women in general, according to a study that detected a total of 247 cases of violence toward women with disabilities during 2015, conducted by the Confederación Española de Personas con Discapacidad Física y Orgánica (Cocemfe, Spanish Federation of People with Physical and Organic Disabilities).

According to Cocemfe, woman with disabilities are at particular risk because their disabilities result in a greater physical, economic and social dependence on the man who is abusing them, making it more difficult for them to break off the relationship or seek help.

The organisation said it detected the 247 cases of gender violence toward women with disabilities as part of its outreach work last year with disabled women, particularly in rural areas. During 2015, Cocemfe provided assistance to more than 1,100 women in nine different autonomous communities across Spain.

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