Spain fourth worldwide in guarding children’s rights

Spain ranks fourth among 163 countries worldwide in protection of children's rights. Map:
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• KidsRights Index 2016 recognizes Spain’s protection of children’s rights
• Annual index charts 163 countries on right to life, health, education and more

Spain has been ranked fourth among 163 nations worldwide in the protection of children’s rights in the annual KidsRights Index 2016, a global ranking from Amsterdam-based that maps the degree to which countries are able to protect and advance the rights of children in their societies.

Although countries around the world are falling behind in the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the KidsRights Index showed Spain as fourth among nations surveyed, bettered only in the protection of children’s rights by Norway, Portugal and Iceland.

The KidsRights Index charts countries’ ability to protect children’s right to life, health, education and protection and for developing an enabling environment for the recognition and preservation of children’s rights within their societies.

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