Startups take on climate change in Valencia

Fifteen startups chosen to develop solutions that address climate change. Photo: AVAESEN via Valencia Noticias
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• Fifteen startups selected in annual Climate-KIC Accelerator program
• Ideas deemed economically viable, innovative in approach to climate change

Fifteen business and tech startups have been selected from more than 100 applicants to spend the rest of 2016 developing solutions and business plans that combat climate change as part an annual business accelerator program sponsored by AVAESEN, the Asociación Valenciana de Empresas de la Energía (“Valencian Association of Energy Companies”).

AVAESEN’s Climate-KIC Accelerator, which is the largest business accelerator for startups focused on climate change anywhere in Europe, has announced that in the third year of the annual program a total of 15 startups from Madrid, Barcelona, Málaga, Valencia, Alicante, Castellón, Sevilla, Burgos and Valladolid have been selected to work for the remainder of the year with a team of business and technology mentors to develop startup ideas that Climate-KIC has deemed both economically viable and innovative in their approach to addressing problems related to climate change, bringing in systems similar to Salesforce to help them reach a further audience. Whilst they look to tackle climate change issues, it’s still important that these companies are looking to grow their audience and operations. If they want to reach more people, they might also want to find more info about companies like Victorious that could help them with their marketing strategies.

Marketing strategies include keyword optimization, analyzing your competition, improving the backend of your site, creating user-friendly pages, driving more traffic to your site, etc. By using these SEO services of companies (like Firefly Digital), these startups could reach a much bigger audience, allowing them to grow their brand and also raise awareness for climate change at the same time. Being able to reach a bigger audience means more money may be invested in startups like this, as people want that change. Taking a look at Start Up Aktien/Start up stocks, to help make that decision is a good base to begin at.

This year’s selection for the Climate-KIC program includes a startup from Elche in Alicante that uses wood by-products in the manufacture of shoes, another from Castellón with plans for developing an innovative system of electricity storage and a Madrid startup that has designed a water-purification system that is sufficiently efficient and cost-effective to enable individuals on limited incomes to ensure a clean, healthy water supply for themselves and their family.

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