Podemos supporters weigh-in on coalition options

Podemos leaders Carolina Bescansa (left), Pablo Echenique, Pablo Iglesias, Íñigo Errejón, Irene Montero. Photo: Expansión
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• Leaders warn ‘yes’ vote to PSOE-Ciudadanos pact could trigger resignations
• Concerns seen over impact of potential low turnout on referendum outcome

Supporters of anti-austerity party Podemos began voting Thursday on the party’s decision to abandon negotiations toward forming a government with the Socialists (PSOE) and centre-right Ciudadanos party, with Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias and his leadership team campaigning openly for a vote against the three-way coalition.

In a 72-hour referendum ending at midnight on Saturday, the 169,618 Podemos supporters registered as of April 2nd as “active” participants on the Podemos online voting platform are eligible to cast a simple “yes” or “no” vote on two basic questions: 1. Do you want a government based on the Rivera-Sanchez pact? (referencing Ciudadanos leader Albert Rivera and PSOE leader Pedro Sánchez); and, 2. Do you agree with the proposal for a government of change put forward by Podemos, En Comú and En Marea?

In the run-up to the vote, Iglesias and the Podemos leadership have said publicly that a “yes” vote on the first question would be interpreted as a vote of no confidence and may trigger resignations among the party leadership.

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