Women’s struggle vital to Spain’s ‘Historic Memory’

Spanish feminists launch 'Candelas Feministas' Historic Memory project. Image: CandelasFeministas.org
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• ‘Candelas Feministas’ group revindicates women’s role in ‘Historic Memory’
• Feminism key to women’s struggles during Republic, Civil War & dictatorship

Feminists in Madrid participated April 14th on the 85th anniversary of the start of Spain’s Second Republic in the launch of Candelas Feministas (“Feminist Candles”), a new organization aimed specifically at revindicating the memory of the Feminist struggle and the role of women as key to Spain’s ‘Historic Memory’ of the years of the Second Republic, the Civil War and the Franco dictatorship.

A roundtable discussion prior to the launch of Candelas Feministas in Madrid emphasized the need to debunk myths and reclaim the memory of valiant women who fought to secure the vote for women during the Republic, participated alongside men in the Civil War and suffered misogyny and a brutal double repression under the 36-year Franco dictatorship, both for being women and for having supported the Republic.

The name Candelas Feministas (“Feminist Candles”) was chosen for the new organization, organizers explained, “because candles bring light, they illuminate” and because the aim of the organization is to “contribute to making the past and the present of feminist struggles visible.”

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