The long and winding road: Spain’s tortuous path to a new coalition government or new general elections

Timeline for vote on Sánchez candidacy, hypothetical dissolution of parliament & new elections. Graphic: El País
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• Sánchez has just 30 days, before clock starts ticking toward new elections •

Socialist leader Pedro Sánchez has been granted 3-4 weeks to reach an agreement with other political parties in Congress to form a new government, placing the likely date of a vote on his candidacy in the last week of February or first week of March.

Sánchez must win 50% plus one of 350 votes in Congress on the first round or a simple majority on the second round of voting — if he fails, the Congress has just 60 days, hypothetically until the first Monday in May, to agree to a new President, or King Felipe VI is bound to dissolve both the Congress and Senate and call new general elections.

If new elections are necessary, they must be held 54 days from the date parliament is dissolved, placing the earliest hypothetical date for new national elections at June 26th.

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