Andalusia public health study demonstrates clear link between housing evictions and health problems

Study in Granada shows clear link between evictions and health problems. Photo: EFE via El Diario
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• Women evicted more likely than men to suffer illness, heart problems •

A new study in Andalusia has shown that people evicted from their homes in Spain are 13 times more likely to suffer health problems and three times as likely to suffer heart problems than the average person.

Conducted on behalf of the anti-eviction activist group Stop Desahuicios (‘Stop Evictions’), the study by the the Andalusian School for Public Health (Escuela Andaluza de Salud Pública, or EASP), interviewed 205 people in the process of eviction in the city of Granada and also found that women who had been evicted were nearly twice as likely as men to suffer health problems.

The report said 10.8 percent of women and 8.2 percent of men who had been evicted were shown to have heart-related illnesses, as compared to 4.1 percent of women and 3.5 percent of men in the general population.

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