#VIDEO: Socialist leader Pedro Sánchez accepts King’s request to attempt to form new government

PSOE's Pedro Sánchez at Feb. 2nd press conference announcing he will attempt to form next government. Photo: TVE via YouTube
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• PSOE leader says he will begin negotiations to form coalition immediately

Socialist leader Pedro Sánchez has accepted the request by Spain’s head of state, King Felipe VI, to attempt to form Spain’s new government and says that he expects it will take 3-4 weeks to put together a coalition to ensure sufficient votes for his election as President.

The PSOE leader was chosen to make the first attempt to form the next government, following a second round of talks with party leaders that ended yesterday with conservative Popular Party (PP) leader and acting prime minister Mariano Rajoy refusing to stand for investiture due to a lack of support from other parties.

Sánchez outlined his program for forming a new government during a press conference late Tuesday and said that he will begin speaking with all political parties on Wednesday, insisting on first discussing points of agreement toward a consensus plan of government prior to any talk of ministerial posts of power-sharing among possible coalition partners.


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