WWF Spain office raps government for sharp jump in CO2 emissions, lagging renewable energy production

WWF activists march in Madrid in advance of Paris climate summit. Photo: EFE
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• Spain’s continued fossil fuels investment, subsidies cited by NGO

• WWF calls for Spanish commitment to renewables to combat climate change

The Spanish office of the global Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) reports that Spain experienced a dramatic increase in its overall amount of C02 emissions during November, due largely to emissions from coal-fired power plants and decreases in output of energy from renewable sources.

According to the WWF’s Observatorio de la Electricidad (Electricity Observatory) report for the month of November, the data on Spanish emissions show the country has yet to make a firm commitment to renewable energy sources as it continues to invest steadily in fossil fuels.

The global environmental NGO said that Spain’s year-on-year increase in fossil fuel emissions was due largely to a sharp jump in coal generation, producing more C02, SO2 and NOx emissions. At the same time, Spain experienced a considerable decrease in wind power generation of energy during November.

The WWF called on the Spanish government to recommit to investment in renewables and to discontinue subsidies for fossil fuel production in order to help combat global climate change.

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