Sánchez debate gambit on women’s issues could swing 62% undecided women voters for Socialists

Metroscopia poll shows women comprise most of undecided voters going into election. Graphic: Metroscopia / El País
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• Voter rolls show 1.1 million more women eligible to vote than men

• Last survey before election says 62% of all “undecided” voters women

There is little wonder that PSOE leader Pedro Sánchez’s pitch during the recent televised debate with Partido Popular (PP) leader Mariano Rajoy with a litany of failings of the conservative PP government on women’s issues prompted Rajoy to remark that “Mr. Sanchez, seems to want to take the votes of women.”

Little wonder, because there are more than 1.1 million more women than men currently eligible to vote in Spain and the most recent survey from the Metroscopia polling organization shows that women comprise 62% of the undecided voters going into the final week of campaigning prior to Sunday’s general elections.

Polling numbers indicate that those undecided women voters may well decide which party will govern Spain for the next four years. According to the most recent poll from the CIS polling group, women believe that the Socialist PSOE party manages social policies better, while the PP is more adept at handling the economy.

Analysts say that while the PP’s voter base remains the elderly and those in the provinces, the PSOE’s support comes from all age groups and in most elections since Spain became a democracy after Franco’s death in 1975, women voters have tended to support the PSOE in greater numbers than men.

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