Podemos candidate set to be elected first-ever African-born immigrant to serve in Spain’s Congress

Rita Bosaho, born in Equatorial Guinea, tops Podemos candidates list in Alicante. Photo: El País
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• Rita Bosaho to become Spain’s first-ever Black Congresswoman

• Immigrants comprise 15% of population, just 1% of congressional seats

Regardless of which party wins the country’s general elections on Sunday, Spain will make history with the election of the first-ever black person to sit in the national Congress of Deputies.

Rita Bosaho, a Spanish citizen born in Equatorial Guinea, who tops the list of candidates in the Valencian province of Alicante for insurgent-left anti-austerity party Podemos, will almost certainly be selected to serve in Congress as a result of the Dec. 20th balloting.

Bosaho’s election and the possible selection of other immigrant candidates to serve in the next session of Congress bucks a longstanding pattern in Spanish election history that has effectively barred most non-Spanish born candidates from ever taking office.

Although 15 percent of Spain’s population is foreign-born and nearly 2 million immigrants have obtained Spanish citizenship allowing them to vote, the immigrant turnout rate is 20 points lower than Spanish-born voters and the proportion of foreign-born deputies serving in Congress is just 1 percent.

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