Gender-violence judge to preside over Spain’s Senate

Pilar Llop, a Madrid judge who specializes in gender violence, to preside over Spain's Senate. Photo: EFE via El Diario
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The Socialist party (PSOE) majority in the Spanish Senate is set to name a career judge specializing in gender-violence crimes to preside over 208-member upper chamber of the country’s parliament.

In an apparent nod to feminist groups and an indication that the Socialists will not tolerate any attempted roll-back of Spanish legislation on gender equality or violence against women, Pilar Llop was to be approved by a meeting of the PSOE federal executive committee Monday as the party’s candidate for the Senate presidency.

Voting will occur in the Senate on Tuesday, when both the Senate and the Congress are convened in the new legislative session, following Spain’s 10th November general elections.

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In the general elections, the Socialists won 92 seats in the Senate, down from 123 in the previous legislative session but still the most seats of any party and deemed sufficient to ensure that with support from other parties Llop will be elected to preside over the legislative body.

A Madrid magistrate who has previously served as the government’s delegate on gender violence and as a PSOE deputy in the Madrid regional assembly, Llop was born in Madrid in 1973 to a father who was a taxi driver and a mother who was a hairdresser. She began her judicial career in 1999 and prior to entering politics was a magistrate in Madrid’s Gender Violence Court No. 5.

Llop became a Senator for the Madrid region in the November general elections under the regional designation system, whereby the legislatures of each regional community of Spain can appoint Senators to represent the region.

Although not officially a member of any political party, in regional elections last May she ran on the PSOE ticket in Madrid and was second on the list of candidates behind Ángel Gabilondo, who led the party’s list as candidate for the regional presidency.

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