Madrid set for annual ‘Misión Abolición’ bullfight protest

'Misión Abolición' protesters to return to Madrid's Puerta del Sol Saturday at 5pm. Photo: Tercera Información
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• Protest march Saturday 5pm from ‘Puerta del Sol’ to Congress of Deputies
• Support from Sara Sálamo, Clara Lago, Alexandra Jiménez, Angy & Dani Rovira

Spain’s PACMA animal-rights party has called for a massive demonstration against bullfighting in Madrid on Saturday as part of its ongoing Misión Abolición (Mission Abolition) campaign aimed at pressuring the country’s politicians into enacting a total ban on bullfights, bull-running and bull-baiting festivals across Spain.

According to PACMA (the Animalist Party Against Mistreatment of Animals), a ban on bull-fighting and related spectacles would be in keeping with the wishes of more than 70 percent of Spaniards as expressed in public opinion polls. In promoting the campaign and Saturday’s demonstration, the party has enlisted the help of Spanish actresses Sara Sálamo, Clara Lago, Alexandra Jiménez and Angy, along with popular comedian and actor Dani Rovira, in promoting Saturday’s demonstration through a video being widely circulated on social media (see below).


Saturday’s protest march will kick off at 5 pm at Madrid’s Puerta del Sol and demonstrators will march to the Congress of Deputies, along Paseo del Prado and Calle Alcalá before returning to the Puerta del Sol.

The Misión Abolición drive has gathered more than 150,000 petition signatures on the campaign website and PACMA says that the petition will be delivered to all political parties represented in the Spanish Congress with the aim of spurring legislation to to end bullfighting across Spain.

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