#VIDEO: Activists protest bullfights in Pamplona

Bare-chested activists protested bullfights taking place during Pamplona's San Fermin festival. Photo: Euronews
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• AnimaNaturalis, PETA protest in Pamplona against city’s San Fermín bullfights
• Activists say majority Spaniards reject bullfights, but gov’t subsidies continue

More than 100 bare-chested animal-rights activists participated in a protest Wednesday in downtown Pamplona against the killing of dozens of bulls during the city’s annual the nine-day festival of San Fermín, which began on the 2nd of July and continues through Sunday.

Convened by the Spain-based international animal-rights group AnimaNaturalis and with the support of activists from across Europe and around the globe belonging to the international animal-rights group PETA, the protesters gathered bare-chested in front of the Pamplona to douse themselves with symbolic ‘blood’ and call for a “bloodless San Fermín” festival and the abolition of bullfighting across Spain.


AnimaNaturalis spokesperson Aida Gascon told reporters following the event that multiple public opinion surveys have shown that the majority of Spaniards are opposed to bullfighting and that the organization cannot understand why the national government and regional authorities in Spain not only allow the spectacles, but also continue to subsidize bullfighting with taxpayers’ money.

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