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AnimaNaturalisAnimaNaturalis is an Ibero-American non-governmental organization with a mission of establishing, promoting and protecting the rights of all animals in Spain and across Latin America.

Headquartered in Spain, with offices and activists currently working in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela, the organization defines animal rights to include the right to life and liberty, to not be tortured and to not be considered property. In its efforts to protect animals, AnimaNaturalis has focused on combatting and raising awareness about mistreatment of animals in the industrial food chain, in laboratory testing, in the clothing industry and in human entertainment, including traditions that include rodeos, bullfighting, cockfighting, and dogfighting.

In Spain, AnimaNaturalis has teams based in Catalonia, La Rioja, Valencia, Mallorca and Navarra that employ non-violent interventions in both documenting and campaigning against the abuse of animals. The organisation regularly uses video filming to document events and festivals throughout Spain in which bulls and other animals are abused frequently directs and participates in public non-violent protests against bullfighting, the use of wild animals in circus acts, cruelty to animals in the food and clothing industries and more.

The organisation also educates the public about issues involving pets and domestic animals as well as the connection between the abuse of animals and violence toward other humans, including children and women. Anima Naturalis is not affiliated with any political parties or religious organisation and raises funds for its activities through membership fees, individual donations and the sale of items related to animal protection through the organization’s online store.


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Updated as of 07/2016

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