‘Rebels with a cause’ theme of 13th May fair-trade day

Fair trade and development NGOs make 'Rebels with a cause' theme of 13th May global fair trade day. Image: Comercio Justo
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• NGOs call on Spanish consumers to support fair and sustainable commerce
• CECJ, CONGDE urge swapping ‘slacktivism’ for active support of social causes

Two national umbrella organisations working to raise awareness of the benefits of fair and sustainable commerce in promoting development and social justice in developing countries have called on Spaniards to trade in the passivity of so-called “slacktivism” and become active in supporting organizations and causes that promote social justice, equality and environmental sustainability worldwide.

Announcing the “Rebels with a cause” theme in Spain of this year’s World Fair Trade Day on Saturday 13th May, spokespersons for the Coordinadora Estatal de Comercio Justo (National Fair-Trade Coordinating Council, or CECJ) and Coordinadora Estatal de Organizaciones de Cooperación al Desarrollo (Coordinating Council of Development NGOs of Spain, or CONGDE) invited Spaniards with a social conscience to recognize World Fair Trade Day as an opportunity “to rebel against current inequalities, but also to celebrate that there is a possible alternative to change that reality.”

At a press conference Tuesday in Madrid, the two organizations launched the campaign, “We are rebels with cause. We are Fair Trade, and you? ” to encourage Spaniards to act positively toward achieving a global economic model that puts social justice and and the environment at the center of all economic activity worldwide.

Noting that nearly 80 percent of the population worldwide owns just 6 percent of the world’s wealth, while the richest 1 percent own half of all wealth on the planet, the organizations called for active support of the more than 2,000 peasant, artisan and food producer cooperatives in 75 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin American that employ more than two million people in fair and sustainable production of food, clothing, furniture and other products for sale to consumers in developed countries like Spain.

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