PACMA protests ‘Sevilla is much more’ than bullfights

Animal-rights party PACMA taking protest to heart of Spain's bullfighting country in Sevilla. Image: PACMA
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• April 23rd protest to culminate week of anti-bullfighting activities in Sevilla
• PACMA launches social-media campaign with hashtag #SevillaEsMuchoMas

Spain’s animal-rights party, the Partido Animalista Contra el Maltrato Animal (PACMA, or ‘Animalist Party Against Mistreatment of Animals’) is taking its anti-bullfighting message into the heart of Spain’s pro-bullfighting community, organizing a week of activities from 17th-23rd April in the Andalucian capital of Sevilla that will culminate in a mass rally and march on 23rd April to protest bullfighting in the Spain’s fourth largest city.

Campaigning against the bullfight under the slogan and social-media hashtag #SevillaEsMuchoMas (‘Seville is Much More’ than bullfighting), PACMA hopes to draw attention to an historical, cultural and artistic heritage of modern Sevilla that goes far beyond the bullfight, which the organization sees as a spectacle in which animals are gratuitously made to suffer and killed for human entertainment.

The week of events sponsored by PACMA include an exhibition of anti-bullfighting art by the painter Luiso García that will run through 28th April, the presentation of short stories in a literary competition with an anti-bullfighting theme, a public talk given by PACMA President Silvia Barquero and the presentation of PACMA’s “Animal Movement Award 2017”.

On Sunday, 23rd April, PACMA will lead what it hopes will be a large anti-bullfighting demonstration, assembling in front of Sevilla’s Palacio de San Telmo at 5pm and parading through the city’s streets with the organization’s campaign message of Mision Abolición (‘Mission: Abolition’), calling for an absolute abolition of bullfighting in Spain.


► Find Full Schedule in Spanish of PACMA’s week of activities in Sevilla, here …

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