NGOs press EU lawmakers on rabbit-farming conditions

Millions of rabbits raised in unsanitary, inhumane conditions across Europe, say activists. Photo: Igualdad Animal/YouTube
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• Animal-rights orgs say millions of animals suffering in cages across Europe
• NGOs press EU parliament to impose sanitary norms in unregulated industry

Spanish animal-rights NGOS have been lobbying European parliamentarians hard in the run-up to a scheduled vote today on whether or not Europe will ban the use of cages in the battery-style rabbit breeding farms widespread across Spain and much of the continent.

In Spain, both Igualdad Animal and PACMA have been busy raising awareness over the cruel and unsanitary conditions in which rabbits are kept and bred in Spain and petition drives in the runup to the European Parliament vote in order to sway public opinion and put pressure on European lawmakers over the issue.

According to Igualdad Animal, some 340 million rabbits across Europe are suffering as a result of being bred and raised in tiny cages across, without even one piece of specific European legislation in place to regulate the rabbit industry. According to PACMA, in Spain thare are an estimated 52 million rabbits bred in unregulated conditions and a change in European legislation to prohibit the use of small cages in rabbit farming could do much to improve the animals’ health and welfare.


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