PACMA urges ratification of EU animal welfare treaty

PACMA President Sylvia Barquero urged Congress to ratify EU treaty on animal welfare. Photo: PACMA via YouTube
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• Animal-rights party urges full ratification of Convention on Animal Protection
• Group reject’s PP proposal to allow mutilation of pets for aesthetic purposes

Leaders of animal-rights party PACMA on Friday called on a congressional leaders in Spain’s Congress to finally move forward after 30 years with full ratification of the European Convention on Animal Protection, including the treaty’s ban on the amputation of animals’ tails, from which Spain’s conservative Partido Popular government is seeking an exception.

The PP has proposed tht Spain be allowed an exception to the Europe-wide treaty against animal cruelty that would enable veterinarians and pet owners in Spain to amputate the tails or ears, or remove nails and vocal chords of dogs, cats or other animals solely for aesthetic purposes.

According to PACMA president Silvia Barquero, the practice is prohibited in seven of Spain’s 17 autonomous communities already, but the full ratification of the European convention by Spain is needed in order to force Spanish authorities to extend the ban on the mutilation of animals for aesthetic purposes that is still widely practiced in many parts of Spain.


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