#VIDEO: SEO/Birdlife calls for sustainable hunting

SEO/Birdlie launches debate on hunting's impact on bird populations. Photo: SEO/Birdlife
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• Conservationist NGO begins debate over position on sustainable hunting
• Environmentalist group highlights impact of hunting on bird populations

SEO/Birdlife, Spain’s oldest conservationist organization and one of the top-five environmental NGOs in the country, has initiated a yearlong consultative process to debate the organization’s position on sustainable hunting practices and hunting’s impact on the populations of migratory and native bird species across Spain.

Set to culminate in a December 2017 General Assembly in which SEO/Birdlife members will vote on the organization’s official position regarding hunting, the organization called on supporters to begin the process by reading the preliminary position paper prepared by SEO/Birdlife’s scientific committee and be ready to provide their input through online surveys and public round-tables to be held in various parts of Spain throughout next year.

Last week, the organization launched a 60-second promotional video summarizing the scientific committee’s findings and directing interested individuals to learn more about the process by going to: http://www.seo.org/proceso-participativo/.


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