Barcelona shoppers get naked truth on fur industry

Dozens of protesters staged nude demonstration against fur industry in Barcelona Sunday. Photo: AnimaNaturalis
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• Nude protest against fur industry staged on Barcelona’s Paseo de Gracia
• AnimaNaturalis says ‘fur farms’ persist in Spain, despite bans elsewhere

Dozens of protesters from the Barcelona-based international animal-rights group AnimaNaturalis staged a nude protest before holiday shoppers on Barcelona’s glitzy Passeig de Gràcia (‘Paseo de Gracia) shopping boulevard Sunday to protest the killing and mistreatment of animals in the manufacture of fur coats.

Carrying signs that read “¿Cuántas vidas por un abrigo?” in Spanish and “How many lives just for a coat?” in English, the protesters were demonstrating against the killing of an estimated 60 million animals worldwide — including minks, ferrets, foxes, rabbits, seals, otters, cows, chinchillas, and even dogs and cats in China — in order to produce items of clothing or clothing accessories made with fur.

The organizers noted that within Europe, some 32 million animals are killed each year for their fur, despite bans on “fur farms” since 2007 in the United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands. AnimaNaturalis says that while other countries clamp down on the fur industry, lax regulatory framework has enabled the fur industry to prosper in Spain, where the fur farms are still going strong.

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