Madrid urban art expo links tax fraud to poverty

'Fiasco al Fisco' urban art exhibition in Madrid's CentroCentro gallery, though 16th October. Image: Oxfam-Intermón
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• Oxfam-Intermón sponsored exhibit stresses negative impact of tax avoidance
• Seven urban artists show work linking tax fraud to poverty, social inequalities

An urban art exhibition opening today in Madrid and showing the work of seven artists under the exhibition title Fiasco del Fisco (‘Fiasco of the Treasury’) will attempt to draw attention to the link between tax fraud by the wealthy and large corporations and the problems of poverty and social injustice in Spain and around the world, according to exhibition sponsors Oxfam-Intermón, the Spanish affiliate of the international development aid NGO, Oxfam.

Opening today and running through 16th October at the CentroCentro gallery space in the Plaza Cibeles in downtown Madrid, the Fiasco del Fisco exhibition will display works by urban artists Ze Carrión, Jesús Parras Chica, María Peña Coto, DosJotas and Rey de la Ruina, giving the artists’ interpretation of the link between the pilfering of public coffers by tax fraud and avoidance schemes and the chronic social problems of poverty and inequality, both within Spain and abroad.

The art show is being sponsored by Oxfam-Intermón within the framework of its ongoing NO al Saqueo (‘No to Plunder’) campaign, designed to raise public awareness of the negative impacts of tax fraud and avoidance on governments’ ability to deliver social services and combat poverty and inequality around the world.

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