Socialist voter disconnect seen as 26-J approaches

Comparison 20-D 2015 results with CIS May 2016 poll of voter preference in upcoming 26-J election. Graphic: CIS / El Mundo
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• Latest CIS poll shows PSOE being outpaced by rival Unidos Podemos coalition
• Socialist base seen dismayed, disenchanted with Spain’s oldest left-wing party

The Socialist party (PSOE) appears to have a problem with a disengaged Spanish electorate, according to the latest opinion poll from the Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas (CIS, Centre for Sociological Research), taken last month from the 4th-22nd of May and released just prior to Thursday’s campaign kickoff for 26th June (26-J) general elections.

According to the CIS poll, while the greatest number of voters polled (18 percent) say they feel an affinity with the PSOE and the greatest number again (19.8 percent) saying they would like to see the PSOE win the election, when the same voters are asked for which party they’re likely to vote the conservative ruling Partido Popular (PP) wins at 29.2 percent, followed by the left-wing Unidos Podemos coalition at 25.6 percent and then, in third place, the Socialist party with just 21.2 percent.

Observers say those results could reflect a lack of confidence in the PSOE, perhaps mistrust as to whether the party will follow through on campaign pledges, or even a desire to “keep them honest” by voting for a rival with which they will have to reach a coalition agreement to govern. Analysts also caution that with 2 1/2 weeks to go until the balloting, there is still plenty of room for a shift in voter sentiment.

According to the CIS poll results, fully one third (32.4 percent) of those surveyed said they had not yet decided for which party they would cast their ballot and four out of 10 voters said they would not be making up their minds until the final two weeks prior to the 26-J election.

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