#VIDEO: Bull let loose on students does not attack

Bull released into ring filled with students in Madrid suburb of Colmenar Viejo. Image: Neelakuyil via YouTube
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• Young novillo bull in Colmenar Viejo ignores 40 students as it seeks escape
• Video appears to prove activists’ point that bulls only attack when provoked

To prove the point that bulls released into a bullring seek to escape and will not attack unless deliberately provoked, a teacher in the Madrid suburb of Colmenar Viejo filmed an experiment in which 40 of his students were voluntarily placed in a bull ring to face the charge of a young novillo bull — and not a single student was harmed.

The short video — which was subsequently uploaded to the Internet and “went viral,” being seen by thousands of viewers on YouTube and Facebook — appears to prove the point being argued by animal-rights activist groups in Spain that the instinct of bulls used in Spain’s multi-billion euro bullfighting industry is to flee confrontation with humans and that only by enclosing the animals in a confined area and cruelly provoking them will the bulls attack.

Colmenar Viejo, where the video was filmed, is considered a bastion of pro-bullfighting sentiment in the Madrid region and its La Corredera bullring one of the most visited by bullfighting aficionados from Madrid and throughout Spain.

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