Survey sees most Spaniards welcoming refugees

Refugees Welcome Index. Image: Amnesty International
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• 97 percent of Spaniards surveyed in favor of accepting refugees into Spain
• 18 percent would welcome refugees into home, 31 percent into neighborhood

A new survey conducted by Amnesty International of some 27,000 people across 27 countries worldwide shows that Spain is among the most welcoming of countries, with 97 percent of Spaniards saying they would accept people fleeing war or persecution into Spain — in stark contrast to the slow intake of refugees from the Middle East and Africa exhibited by the Spanish government.

According to Amnesty’s new “Refugees Welcome Index,” Spain ranked sixth among the countries surveyed — behind only China, Germany, the UK, Canada and Australia — on the index’s scale of overall acceptance of refugees, with only 3 percent of Spaniards saying they were against taking any refugees into Spain.

Of the 97 percent of Spaniards who responded to the survey that they would be in favor of accepting refugees, 18 percent said they would be willing to shelter refugees in their own homes and an additional 31 percent said they would welcome refugees into their own neighborhood.

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