Sunlight, water & CO2 seen as new source of jet fuel

Heliostatic mirror at experimental station in France: Photo: David66 via Wikipedia
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• Researchers at IMDEA near Madrid launch work on ‘Sun to Liquid’ fuel project
• Project to produce jet fuel from concentrated sunlight, water & carbon dioxide

The IMDEA institute for advanced energy in the Madrid suburb of Móstoles is set launch a new “Sun to Liquid” research project that if successful could pave the way toward replacement of carbon-generating fossil fuel usage in jetliners with a new biocombustible fuel made entirely from sunlight, water and carbon-dioxide (CO2).

Local municipal authorities in Móstoles have ceded use of a parcel in the Móstoles Tecnológico research complex for construction of a 300kw heliostatic solar mirror complex to enable a team of researchers from the Instituto Madrileño de Estudios Avanzados (Imdea) Energía to work toward development of the new solar fuel source for the airline industry.

As part of the pan-European Horizon 2020 program funded by the European Commission, IMDEA researchers hope to demonstrate through their “Sun to Liquid” project that conventional jet turbine engines can be powered by an alternative vapor fuel generated through a combination of water, CO2 and solar energy concentrated through the use of heliostatic mirrors.

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