No candidate can form gov’t, so it’s back to the polls

Clockwise, from bottom left: Pablo Iglesias, Albert Rivera, Felipe VI, Pedro Sánchez, Mariano Rajoy. Montage: El Mundo
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• Last-minute Compromís effort for progressive coalition rejected by all parties
• Congress president Patxi López confirms new national elections for June 26th

Following a last-ditch round of consultations with political party leaders, the announcement by Spanish head of state King Felipe VI late Tuesday confirming that “there is no candidate who has the necessary support to form a government” effectively triggered preparations for a second round of nationwide general election balloting by Spaniards on June 26th.

The day after a failed attempt by Valencia’s regional Compromís coalition to broker a deal that would enable the Socialist party (PSOE) to form a progressive government, PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez told a press conference bluntly following his meeting with the King Tuesday that “we are heading to new elections.”

Congress president Patxi López told reporters late in the day that the King felt the blockage was “political, not institutional” — effectively blaming the failure to form a government on the parties’ lack of political will to reach a compromise. López confirmed that King Felipe will issue the requisite decree on May 3rd to dissolve the current parliament and Spaniards will then officially be sent back to the ballot box for a second round of general elections on June 26th.

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