Anti-nuclear groups seek all plant closures by 2024

MIA's Francisco Castejón presents document calling for closure of nuclear plants. Photo: Europa Press via 20minutos
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• Spanish environmentalists call for “progressive, orderly & urgent” closures
• Gov’t subsidies of nuclear amount to 21.58 billion euros over past 30 years

Spain’s Movimiento Ibérico Antinuclear (“Iberian Anti-nuclear Movement”) has called for the “progressive, orderly and urgent” closure of the country’s aging nuclear plants before 2024 in order to avoid a nuclear accident in Spain similar to the Chernobyl accident of 1986 in the Ukraine.

Presenting a report entitled El cierre de nucleares españolas (“The closure of Spanish nuclear plants”) on the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, Francisco Castejón of Ecologistas en Acción said that Spain’s installed nuclear capacity of 108,000 MW is far in excess of the estimated demand of 45,000 MW and the government should begin immediately to withdraw licenses and close down nuclear plants operating for more than 30 years, making the last closure to come in 2024 with the Trillo I plant in Guadalajara.

Spain’s nuclear industry has received 21.58 million euros in subsidies since the 1980s, Castejón noted, and the result is an industry based on “obsolete, dangerous and expensive” technology that needs to be dismantled as soon as possible within Spain’s shift to clean and renewable energy sources.

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