NGOs send mobile kitchen to aid refugees in Greece

Mobile kitchen units sent to Greece by NGOs Remar and 'Mensajeros de Paz'. Photo: Diario Digital de León
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• Mobile unit will serve up to 500 refugees per shift on island of Lesbos
• First of several mobile units to be sent by NGOs to Greece in coming weeks

Spanish NGOs Remar and Mensajeros de Paz (“Messengers of Peace”) have sent a mobile kitchen unit designed to serve up to 500 people per shift to Greece as part of their efforts to assist refugees currently living in temporary camps and awaiting relocation to other European countries.

The shipment of the mobile kitchen to Greece is part of the ongoing “Emergency S.O.S. Aid Plan” put in place by Remar in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti and involving the provision of food, clothing, supplies, equipment and volunteers to help in disaster relief situations across five continents over the past five years.

In Greece, Mensajeros de Paz volunteers are in place on the island of Lesbos to assist with the preparation and serving of meals from the mobile kitchen unit, which is the first of several mobile units the groups intend to ship to Greece in coming weeks.

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