Meet Spain’s new far-right, anti-immigrant party

'Respeto' co-founder August Armengol with German anti-immigrant party Pegida's Tatjana Festerling. Photo: e-Notícies
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• Three ultra-right parties form ‘Respeto’ to defend Spain against immigrants
• German anti-Islamic ‘Pegida’ party leader lends support at ‘Respeto’ Congress

A new far-right, anti-immigrant party called Respeto (“Respect”) has been launched in Spain with the support of German far-right party Pegida, whose staunchly anti-Islamic leader Tatjiana Festerling spoke at the new party’s founding Congress in the small city of El Vendrell, in Catalonia’s southern province of Tarragona.

The Respeto party has been formed through the fusion of three, small ultra-right parties: Plataforma per Catalunya (PxC), España 2000 (E2000) and Partido por la Libertad (PxL), the latter linked to the far-right movement Manos Limpias, whose leader Miguel Bernad was jailed earlier this month on charges of extortion and criminal activity.

Party militants elected E2000 leader Rafael Ripoll as the new Respeto president and chose Manos Limpias lawyer José María Ruiz Puerta its new secretary-general. According to Ripoll, the purpose and mission of Respeto is the defense of Spain’s national sovereignty, Spanish identity and the rights of middle- and working-class Spaniards against the perceived threat of waves of Islamic immigrants arriving to Spain due to the current Middle East refugee crisis.

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