How free are Spaniards? Global ‘moral freedoms’ index ranks Spain 6th out of 160 nations worldwide

World Index of Moral Freedom 2016. Image: Fundación para el Avance de la Libertad
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• Spain bests USA, Canada & Germany; Mexico rounds out ‘Top 10’ ranking •

Spain has been ranked sixth among nations worldwide for its respect of moral and behavioral freedoms in the first annual World Index of Moral Freedom (WIMF) report, published by the Fundación para el Avance de la Libertad (“Foundation for the Advancement of Liberty”), a Madrid-based Libertarian think-tank established in 2015 to promote freedom of thought and expression in Spain and around the globe.

According to the WIMF 2016 report, Spain follows just five other countries — the Netherlands, Uruguay, Portugal, the Czech Republic and Belgium — on an index that uses 20 indicators to determine the degree of liberty enjoyed by citizens across five categories: religious freedom and separation of state and religion, bio-ethical freedom, drug consumption, sexual freedoms, and freedoms related to the family and gender issues.

The WIMF ranking focuses on “moral freedoms” that the Foundation says are not adequately addressed in other international freedom rankings, which often focus on freedom of the press or economic liberties. Ranking behind Spain in the WIMF 2016 index are the United States, Germany and Canada, with Mexico rounding up the top-10 countries among 160 surveyed worldwide.

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