#VIDEO: Rock group La Raíz collaborates with DqD in calling for repeal of Spain’s ‘Gag Law’ [in Spanish]

Protesters demand repeal of Spain's 2013 'Ley Mordaza' ("Gag Law"). Photo: DqD via YouTube
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• 50 percent of album’s download proceeds go to rights group’s work •

Popular Spanish rock-and-roll band La Raíz has collaborated with political and civil rights defense organisation Defender a quien defiende (“To Defend Those Who Defend”) in an online video calling for the repeal of Spain’s so-called “Gag Law” (Ley Mordaza), the 2013 legislation that severely curtails freedoms of assembly and expression that was passed unilaterally by the Congressional majority of the Partido Popular (PP) under the government of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

The video, released via YouTube to coincide with the recent release of the band’s sixth and latest music album, supports the efforts of DqD’s nationwide team of attorneys, media specialists and activists working toward the decriminalisation of public and online protest and in favor of protecting social and political rights of individuals, social movements and grassroots organizations in Spain.

The DqD video is accompanied by a track from La Raíz’s album, Entre Poetas y Presos, released last month and available for free download on the band’s website. For those La Raíz fans wanting to make a voluntary contribution for the download, La Raíz has agreed to donate 50 percent of all proceeds from the contributions directly to DqD to help fund the organisation’s work.

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