#VIDEO: iAnimal video presents hidden story of animal cruelty in industrial pig farms [in Spanish]

Singer and actress Angy Fernández narrates iAnimal video exposing conditions in industrial pig farms in Spain. Photo: iAnimal
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• Angy Fernández narrates 360-degree video from perspective of animals •

In a powerful video released this month by Igualdad Animal (iAnimal), the Spanish affiliate of international animal advocacy organisation Animal Equality, Spanish singer and actress Angy Fernández presents and narrates the hidden story of animal cruelty within industrial pig farms that dominate the pork industry in Spain.

Well-known in Spain for her promotion of vegetarianism and activism on behalf of animals’ rights, Angy Fernández has released four albums and acted both on Spanish television and in films since her performing debut in 2007 as a finalist in the Spanish X Factor programme.

In this video, Fernández narrates graphic video footage from the perspective of an animal raised and awaiting death inside the industrial pig farms and slaughterhouses that dominate the Spanish pork industry.

► To view the video in Full Screen visit iAnimal.es …

► To experience life in an industrial pig farm, take iAnimal’s Interactive Tour …


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