New ‘Democratic Memory’ legislation for Aragón announced during homage to French ‘Brigadistas’

Burial of remains of 3 French International Brigade members. Photo: Asociación de Amigos de las Brigadas Internacionales
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• Republican perspective in curriculum, monument to International Brigades •

Three French members of XIV International Brigade who died in March 1938 during the second Battle of Caspe were honored over the weekend in a special ceremony and burial of their excavated remains in the town cemetery in Caspe, Aragón, site of one of the fiercest battles of the Spain’s 1936-39 Civil War between forces loyal to the Republican government and Nationalist forces supporting the uprising led by Gen. Francisco Franco.

Speaking at the ceremony honoring the three French Brigadistas, whose remains at the battle site were discovered in October and subsequently excavated by a team of forensic scientists, the Socialist party president of Aragón region, Javier Lambán, announced the presentation of new “Democratic Memory” legislation that will incorporate the Republican perspective in Aragón secondary and preparatory school curriculum, absent from most classrooms and lesson books across Spain since the end of the war in 1939.

Lambán also said that Aragón also will soon be erecting monuments and plaques in various points of the regional community as part of a geographic guide to the important Civil War battles that took place along the Aragón Front. The commemorative markers will include a monument in Caspe to the members of the various International Brigades who fought for many months to defend the Aragón Front against Franco’s troops during the Civil War.

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