‘You’re fired!’ Podemos sacks party’s coordinator of regional organization over Madrid resignation crisis

Podemos former national coordinator of regional organization, Sergio Pascual. Photo: Dani Gago / El País
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• Sergio Pascual seen as ally of Podemos ‘number-two’ leader Íñigo Errejón •

As a result of abrupt resignations within the leadership of its Madrid regional organization last week, anti-austerity party Podemos announced Tuesday in a scant four-sentence press release the sacking of Sergio Pascual as coordinator of regional organization for the national party, adding that all duties related to Podemos’ relations with its regional organizations will now handled by party General Secretary Pablo Iglesias.

The announcement blamed last week’s resignations of 10 party leaders from the Madrid regional executive council on Pascual’s “deficient handling” of the situation in Madrid, the consequences of which have “seriously damaged Podemos” during the delicate process of negotiations with other parties to form a national “Government of change.”

The press release followed a letter from Iglesias to all party activists in which he denied there is an ongoing power struggle among factions for the control of the party apparatus or resources, an apparent reference to the issuance of a statement from the party’s Anticapitalistas faction on the same days as the Madrid resignations last week calling for Iglesias to abandon contact with the Socialist party (PSOE) toward forming a progressive, left-wing coalition government.

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