Podemos’ anti-capitalist faction pressures Iglesias to break contact with Socialists, force new elections

Podemos 'Anticapitalistas' leaders Miguel Urbán & Teresa Rodríguez. Photos: Olmo Calvo / EFE via El Mundo
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• Pressure from Iglesias’ left as turmoil rocks Podemos’ Madrid party •

The anti-capitalist faction of anti-austerity party Podemos has called on party leader Pablo Iglesias to drop all contact with Socialist party leader Pedro Sánchez aimed at forming a progressive coalition government in an effort to force new elections, so that Podemos can return to election campaigning with an unadulterated anti-capitalist programme for change.

In a statement issued Wednesday, Podemos’ Anticapitalistas faction called on Pablo Iglesias to break off contact with Sánchez because the group said his Socialist party (PSOE) had shown itself in recent weeks to be wedded to “neoliberal and continuist economic policies and to the restauration of a political Regime that is finished.”

The party’s Anticapitalistas faction is associated with Podemos’ Euro MP Miguel Urbán and with Teresa Rodríguez, general secretary of Podemos’ important party section in the southern region of Andalucia. The Anticapitalistas communique creates more difficulties for Pablo Iglesias, just two days after the resignation of a high-profile leader in the Madrid party, marking the sixth regional section in recent weeks to see local leaders defy Iglesias’ centralized national leadership of the party.

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