Four-party negotiations continue for second day as Socialists up against deadline for investiture accord

Negotiators for PSOE, Podemos, IU and Compromís met Monday in Congress. Photo: Carlos Rosillo / El País
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• PSOE must submit any deal to membership approval before Congress vote •

A second session of negotiations is set to take place tonight among the Socialist party (PSOE), anti-austerity party Podemos, the United Left party (IU) and Valencia’s Compromís coalition, while the PSOE continues simultaneous talks in parallel with the centre-right Ciudadanos party aimed at constituting a new government for Spain.

PSOE negotiators are up against a looming deadline if party leader Pedro Sánchez is to be invested as Spain’s President next week and the Socialists insist that the four left-wing parties do not have enough votes to ensure Sánchez’s election without the votes of Ciudadanos, which today conditioned its support for PSOE on fast-tracking five Constitutional reforms.

Podemos had dropped its demand that PSOE not meet with Ciudadanos and Podemos negotiators simultaneously, but a closed-door meeting Monday between Sánchez and Ciudadanos leader Albert Rivera prompted Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias to again insist that any PSOE-Ciudadanos accord will negate the possibility of Podemos supporting Sanchez’s bid for the Presidency.

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