EU Parliament commission to hear complaint against Spain over Franco-era rights allegations

Demonstration in Madrid in favor of Franco-era victims' rights. Photo: infoLibre
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• Complaint alleges Spain violates treaties by ignoring extradition requests •

A European Parliament commission has agreed to hear a complaint that Spain has violated EU treaties on human rights and protection of crime victims by refusing to extradite to Argentina former Franco-era officials accused of human rights abuses during and directly following the regime of former Spanish dictator Francisco Franco.

The complaint, filed on behalf of the 3rd of March Victims Association in Spain’s Basque Country, is related to an ongoing investigation by Argentine judge María Servini into human rights abuses and crimes against humanity allegedly committed by Franco-era officials, including the shooting deaths of five people and injuries to 150 more when police opened fire on a peaceful demonstration in the city of Vitoria on Mar. 3, 1976.

The EU parliamentary commission has agreed to investigate whether or not the current Spanish government’s refusal to cooperate or extradite Franco-era officials to stand trial in Argentina violates the European Charter on Human Rights and other treaties among EU member countries pertaining to protection of victims’ rights.

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