Greenpeace calls on political parties, Congress to halt approval of La Garoña nuclear plant re-opening

Santa María de la Garoña nuclear power plant in Burgos. Photo:
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• Facility closed since 2013, regulator considering approval of re-opening •

Greenpeace Spain has called on the Mesa Directiva of Spain’s new Congress to advise the country’s nuclear industry regulator not to approve the re-opening of the Santa María de la Garoña nuclear plant in Burgos until the matter has been taken up by the full Congress, which has yet to begin its new session.

Spain’s oldest nuclear power plant, la Garoña was closed in 2013 and according to Greenpeace, Spain’s Nuclear Security Council (Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear, or CSN) is under pressure from electric energy producers Iberdrola and Endesa and was to debate this week the possible re-opening of the plant, despite objections from a broad range of opposition parties led by the Socialists (PSOE) and cemented in a 2014 parliamentary accord to keep the plant closed should the opposition lead the new government.

Greenpeace called on the political parties and Congress to stop the regulatory agency from giving a green light to the re-opening of the plant until Congress can vote on the matter.

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