Podemos regional leader, allies step back from Catalan referendum, give nod to PSOE-led coalition

Podemos Andalusia leader Teresa Rodríguez. Photo: EFE / El Correo de Andalucía
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• Andalusia’s Teresa Rodríguez, Compromís leaders focus on social issues •

Regional leaders and electoral alliance partners of new-left, anti-austerity party Podemos appear to be signalling that they are unwilling to sacrifice the possibility of a broad-left coalition government led by the Socialists (PSOE) over the issue of a pro-independence referendum in Catalonia, favored by Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias and the party’s alliance partner in Catalonia, En Comu Podem.

Andalusian Podemos leader Teresa Rodríguez spoke out on Wednesday to say that Podemos should be placing a highest priority on joining with the Socialists to advance a social agenda than holding out for a referendum in Catalonia.

At the same time, leaders of Podemos’ coalition partner in Valencia, Compromís, have spoken out to say that their priority is not a Catalan referendum, and that it could vote in favor of a PSOE-led government that is committed to reforming theCongress of Deputies, more equitable financing for Valencia and overturning the laws passed unilaterally by the previous legislature by the governing Partido Popular (PP) of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

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