CCOO to campaign to raise 655 euro monthly minimum wage, guarantee affordable rental housing

CC.OO. Secretary of Organization & Communication Fernando Lezcano. Photo: Europa Press
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• Focus on rise in 655 euros/month min wage, defense of pensions levels •

Spain’s largest labour union, the Comisiones Obreras (Workers’ Commissions, or CC.OO.), has announced that it will launch a campaign to counter the decline of wages and eliminate “wage poverty” in Spain, focusing first on increasing Spain’s current minimum wage for workers of 655 euros per month.

Speaking at a press conference on Tuesay, CC.OO. Secretary of Organization and Communication Fernando Lezcano said that a rise in the minimum wage is needed immediately and that the wage rise now would stimulate Spain’s economy and act as a catalyst for other elements of the union’s fight against deterioration of wages and salaries.

Lezcano said the CC.OO. would also be focusing on securing guaranteed affordable rental housing for those sectors of the population most impacted by Spain’s economic crisis, as well as defending against cuts to the real earning power of pensions in the face of calls from Brussels for Spain to cut government spending in order to reduce its budget deficit.

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