Podemos’ new Deputy from Tenerife wants to get past ‘spectacle’ and onto serious political business

Alberto Rodríguez, new Podemos Deputy in Congress from Tenerife. Photo: Bernardo Pérez / El País
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• Dreadlocked legislator ‘surprised by the lack of respect’ over appearance •

As perhaps the most highly visible sign that the demographic makeup of Spain’s national Congress may have changed forever, the dreadlocked new Depuity from Tenerife, Alberto Rodríguez, was the focus of virtually every media outlet when the first session of the new Congress comenced last week.

Elected on the regional list for the Canary Islands of anti-austerity party Podemos, Rodríguez told an interviewer for the newspaper El País that the media focus on him and other new members of Congress is part of a “spectacle that seeks to conceal [other] truly relevant political events.”

Rodríguez said the new composition of the legislature actually is a more accurate reflection of “society and parliament’s current plurality and diversity” and that he will be glad when Congress can get down to real business and he and his party will be able to “put forward initiatives that will improve people’s and citizens’ lives.”

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