Colau’s BComú movement nixes talk of her leading broad-left coalition in re-run of Catalan regional vote

Barcelona mayor Ada Colau. Photo: Marta Perez / EFE via La Vanguardia
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• Hints that Colau could lead En Comú Podem to Generalitat victory dismissed •

Barcelona’s activist mayor Ada Colau has seemingly scuppered talk that she may stand in the anticipated re-run of parliamentary elections for Spain’s northern region of Catalonia as head of a regional ticket for En Comú Podem, the coalition formed by her Barcelona en Comú (BComú) movement and national anti-austerity party Podemos that won the most number of seats in Spain’s Congress from the Catalonia region in the Dec. 20th general elections.

As talks between Catalonia’s pro-indepencence Junts pel Si and anti-capitalist CUP party stalled last week, indicating a near-certain re-run of the Catalan parliamentary elections in March, members of Colau’s movement and Podemos’ Catalan spokesman Joan Coscubiela have hinted at a broad-left coalition in Catalonia under the banner of En Comú Podem and led by Colau herself.

BComú spokesman and executive committee member Jordi Rabassa quickly surfaced on Wednesday, however, to say that Colau has no intention of leaving the Barcelona mayor’s seat just eight months after her upset victory in last May’s municipal elections, with sources at En Comú Podem confirming to Spanish media that Colau would not be the hypothetical head of any broad-left coalition in the Catalan regional elections.

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